CallSteward.Com is an online database designed to integrate the ever-changing schedules of your dynamic work force and get your people to work faster, more efficiently, with better, and more consistent information.

Define Status Levels and Skills, assign Employees skills and assign them Jobs. Notify them of available work via phone, SMS, or email. Let your employees login and confirm their own schedule over the internet. Keep accurate records with everyone on the same page, and create institutional memory. Create transparency in your organization and keep people informed through the internet.

Designed for dispatching casual labor in entertainment, the program is flexible and easily adapts to your industry and needs. It helps you track skill sets, and brings a level of communication to your workforce never seen before through online reporting and access. You can expect a significant drop in missing or late employees because the employees have access to the same information that the employer and dispatcher does. Additionally, this service is online, so when one dispatcher, of the many dispatchers you grant rights to, goes on vacation, the next dispatcher steps right into a virtual desk where all the information is available.

That means less downtime, faster transitions, and fewer dropped details.

CallSteward.Com handles conflict resolution, holds jobs histories, keeps personnel records, archives job reports, and allows the members to check their own schedule, all over the internet. Employees can even login and put themselves on vacation! Phone traffic could possibly even reverse! Imagine, employees calling the office to confirm work instead of dispatchers tracking down employees on the phone to offer work. All for pennies a day!

So regardless of your dispatching method; by seniority, by shift count, by rotation, or by dispatcher discretion, let CallSteward.Com clear your desk of clutter, panic, and stress. All the while helping you focus on the needs of the job, the employer, and the employee.

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