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CallSteward and NLRB Cases

In cases where an NLRB complaint was filed, CallSteward Clients are less likely to have those cases be filed because both parties have access to data.

In the last 4 years,1/21 – 6/24, 149 cases were filed and 96  closed.
When those cases are filed, only 1 in 5, 22.8%, are associated to CallSteward clients.
So whether it is because of market share or user/admin access to data, CallSteward clients have lawsuits filed less often.

A CallSteward case closes with a Dismissal Non-Adjusted or Withdrawal Non-Adjusted, no fiscal impact, with a rate of 72%.
Non-CallSeward Clients share a similar rate of 70% in the Non-Adjusted category.
This comparison can tell us that there are a lot of frivolous lawsuits.

CallSteward did have cases close Withdrawal Adjusted, with fiscal impact, with a rate of 5.2%
Also, during that period, there were NO SETTLEMENTS.
If I was not a CallSteward Client, Dismissal Adjusted, Withdrawal Adjusted, and Informal Settlement, closed those cases with a rate of 11.5%
This says that a case that closes with a fiscal adjustment, is 2x more likely if you are NOT a CallSteward client.

Documentation and logs are an important part of running a local.
CallSteward not only brings you more effiency in dispatch, but also the logs and data to validate both sides of an argument in front of an NLRB judge.

The statements and conclusions in this post are drawn from the NLRB website and tabulated on following GOOGLE SHEET

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